December 14th 2019

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Vale David Milne, paragon of loyalty and perseverance

by NW Contributor

News Weekly, December 14, 2019

David John Milne, known to his friends and associates as Dave, died in Perth after a lengthy illness on November 13, 2019.

David John Milne (1932–2019)

Requiescat in pace

A highly respected Perth businessman, he took over the family business, Milne Feeds, from his father in 1972, and ran the company for 15 years until it was acquired by interests associated with Graham Laitt, the current managing director.

Milne Feeds remains a leading producer of livestock feed and has been servicing livestock producers in Western Australia for over 100 years.

Dave is survived by his wife Margaret whom he married in 1955, son Peter and daughters Jan and Sue.

Kieran Ryan, who served as president of the National Civic Council in Western Australia, paid tribute to Dave’s extraordinary contribution to the NCC and to Australia.

He said: “David Milne’s involvement with the NCC began in 1960, when he visited Bob Santamaria in Melbourne and offered his support. Since then, he gave extensive financial support as well as standing as a DLP state election candidate when it was critical to deny the ALP government while they collaborated with the extreme left. He was president and member of the DLP state executive.

“David was loyal to a fault and once he had promised to undertake a role or task he would own it to the end.

“As chairman of the NCC Extension Committee, David took responsibility for raising financial support from the corporate sector and the well-heeled section of the community. His role was invaluable.

“As managing director of Milne Feeds, he spoke the same language as our corporate supporters and was able to keep the organisation afloat financially for the period of his involvement.

“However, it didn’t always come easy to David, as he was highly strung and would frequently have to restrain his res­ponses to business people who did not have the same sense of obligation that he had.”

Dave Milne was a man of highest moral standards and always a man of his word. Kieran Ryan said: “He was fiercely loyal to B.A. Santamaria and, when Santamaria was attacked by former colleagues during the 1980s, he attended a vital meeting in Melbourne of the Movement to give his support.

“This is important because he did not want to be in that heated environment but felt he had no other option. If he had not attended, he would have felt that he had failed in his loyalty.”

Dave Milne was a committed Catholic and was also active in various community organisations. He helped the NCC support the Council for the National Interest headed by Sir Charles Court. He also gave generous support to the establishment of the Australian Family Association headed by Dr Joe Santamaria.

After Bob Santamaria’s death in 1998, Dave gave the same generous and unqualified support to Bob Santamaria’s successor as NCC president, Peter Westmore, assisting the transition to a new generation of leaders of the Movement.

His generous support for the National Civic Council continued right up until his death. May he rest in peace.

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